Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah


Islam and Sufism

Mysticism has influenced Muslim’s beliefs and action so much so that none could escape its influence whether he believes in it or not. Those who have penned and penetrated deeper and deeper into the meaning of word mysticism,have not achieved…
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History of Sufism

Accordingly we find that first of all in 110 A. H. i.e.732 A.D. Hazrat Hasan Basari started giving lessons on the philosophy of mysticism. Thus the learning of wisdom came out from the heart to the tongue. After this in…
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Sufism Introduction

The Holy Prophet(SAW) has defined the belief. Accordingly, while praying one should feel that God is seeing him. But he has defined superior degree of belief in this way that when you pray, you should feel that you are seeing…
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