Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah


Third Period

Whatever is gained in the third period, its reality becomes apparent in this period. These saints are called philosophers. Except for serving humanity, that is preaching and correcting morals of people, they do nothing. USEFULNESS AND BENEFIT OF PRESENT DAY…
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Second Period

1- There is a definite engrossment and devotion in all the praises of Allah, efforts and actions and there is more ecstasy than before. 2- There is the feeling of presence in prayers, that is , me. After sometime he…
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First Period

1- After taking oath of allegiance from any perfect saint or developing spiritual contact with him and after observing the ten rules mentioned before with perfection and devotion one feels a strange type of consolation and peace of mind and…
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The Holy Prophet had taught the following methods on order to accomplish the spiritual journey:- 1- To remember Allah while walking and strolling , sitting and squatting and even in sleep. 2- To offer five times prayers with an attentive…
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