Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

Islamic Religion


It is not possible at all to describe all virtues and vices of morals. Moreover many things have already been narrated. Hence only a few things are described which are the causes of reconstruction or destruction, as a whole, of…
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Man does something from morning till evening and from evening till morning. All his actions can be divided into three sections: 1- Actions which concern Allah alone are called rights of Allah. 2- Actions which concern his self alone are…
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Religious Tenets

In order to enter into the fold of Islamic religion it is incumbent to believe in the following: 1– Presence of Allah and His Oneness in nature and attributes in every respect, 2– Angels, 3–Books which have come down through…
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Islamic prayers like faiths are better and superior than prayers of other faiths. The prayers of other faiths are simply for spiritual solace and salutation but Islamic prayers, besides solace and salutation, have direct influence on worldly actions and activities…
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