Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

Zones Of Paradise

Beyond Araaf the worlds of heavens begin. The first one is Alam-i-Malakoot. It has 36 zones each of which is better and better than the preceding ones. Beyond Malakoot is Alam-i-jabaroot and still beyond it is Alam-i-Lahoot. Both of them have eighteen zones each and each of which is superior to its preceding zones as regards structures and possessions, vastness and magnificence, greenery and vegetation and purity, beauty and grace.

Those places and buildings, gardens and canals, fountains, fruits and flowers eatable and drinkable things, Huris and Ghalman etc and the feelings and exhilaration which is perceived due to the manifestations and countenance of Allah whose narration is being left because of fear of details. Those who disbelieve may dig through the pages of the Qur’an and traditions of the Holy Prophet.

So far I have described Alam-i-Lahoot. Now I narrate worlds beyond it but once more I feel it imperative to remind that the greatest difference among these worlds is of thickness and thinness. The first zone of Alam-i-Nasoot is the thickest. Beyond it every zone becomes thinner and thinner and the thinness attains its culmination until it reaches its central point which is the pivot of Reality. Beyond Alam-i-Lahoot is Alam-i-Haahoot which has 14 zones. The first zone of this world is so much thinner that outlines of its heavens and palaces appear very dim even to the most prudent souls.

In the zone beyond, these outlines gradually becoming dim is reduced to mere imaginary lines and with its 14th zone even the imaginary outlines of figures and shapes disappear altogether. In the zone the souls of only those saints live who have gone from this world after attaining excellence in knowledge. Beyond it is Alam-i-Hoo. Its zones cannot be determined; still the farther we go its fineness goes on increasing. This is like a sea of light where there is nothing except splendors of Allah and in these splendors are present every type of joy and pleasure.

Alam-i-Hoo is the abode of those souls who have acted hundred per cent upon the Qur’anic in junction: “withdrawing yourself from everything, devoting yourself exclusively to Him” and in the real sense by making their souls desires oblivious of everything of the world leaning towards Allah only. In reality the zones of heavens come to an end in Lahoot. Hahoot and Hoo are not the zones of heavens but are the soul of the zones of heavens or their real shape. It has been said in the last verse of chapter Furqan: “Hell is indeed an evil halt and an evil abode”. Again at the end of the verse it has been said: “And abide there (Paradise) for ever—what an excellent resting place and abode. The question arises that those in hell after the chastisement will go to the heaven, but where will the people of heaven go after their temporary stay in heavens? The place beyond are these zones of Hahoot and Hoo,. Here the souls of those saints will live and are living who have obtained His nearness and access by perishing in His love while living. And the soul will be nearer to Arsh in accordance with their proximity to Allah.

Beyond Alam-i-Hoo is in successive order Adam Baseet, Nafs Baseet, Aql Baseet and again Rooh Baseet and then, Arsh Kibriya and in its centre is Zaat Baht or Haqeeqat Kubraa about which He Himself says, “too glorious is your Lord, the Lord of Power for what they ascribe to Him.” This is the Zaat which has no quality or in other words all the opposite qualities are so gathered that nothing particular is discernible. The meaning is that simultaneously everything is present and nothing is also present. Again there is no limit or end to Zaat Baht. Every seeker views and perceives Him according to his capacity and gains real knowledge and in it, much further off, is the place where Holy Prophet too cried out: I could but know not the Reality as I intended.

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