Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

The Holy QU’RAAN

This is a book revealed by Allah which has been sent for the guidance of the entire humanity and which has been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad(Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) through angel Gebreil. It is continuing in its pristine purity since the days it was revealed and without any change of any kind, is safe and sound and will continue to do so till eternity as Allah himself has promised to protect it. What is in this Holy Book?

What is not in this Holy Book? Whatever is needed by man for his peaceful and comfortable life in this world and hereafter is in the Book.

It shows such a path of peaceful existence to mankind that if it is followed in real spirit there will prevail universal peace which is being sought by the human race perhaps since the creation of the world till today. First thing is this that the Holy Quran lays down the boundary line between evil and virtue and teachers us to differentiate between them. Then again is directs to shun evil as it will be harmful to you in the long run and adopt virtues so that you can be the cause of peace and pleasure in this world as well as hereafter. Again it assigns the limitation of all the rights and duties which is binding on individuals on social life and it also teaches how to act upon them. The Holy Quran contains all the learning of the world. It teaches you rules of health and hygiene, livelihood, association, agriculture, business, trade, industry, economics, sociology, morality, science and philosophy. Search anything and you will find in it.

The Holy Quran abhors idleness, indolence and inactivity, and encourages activity and struggle to earn one’s living. It goads you to spread out in the world and search treasures and sustenance. It cries out to tears apart the bosom of the sea by your ships and boats and trade with foreign countries. It tells you to reach the bottom of the sea in order to search pearls and coral so that your treasure is full and you are fee from care. The Holy Qruan not only induces you to become rich and prosperous but also orders for world conquest and governing the world and teaches you the principles and ways to do it. The Holy Quran has rules and manners of eating and drinking, meeting and conversing and also rules orders and laws of marriage, divorce, inheritance, alms, court of justice, civil court, and criminal court and also of war etc. from the literary point of view it is also a unique book.

Its beauty of expression and eloquence is unparallel and without any compression in the world. In the universities of the Arab countries especially in Jam-e-Azhar of Cairo, the Holy Quran is the basis of Arabic learning and literature and curriculum. The Holy Quran has also historical stories, tales and event which lead to useful historical information and examples and warning to mankind. Besides these learning and knowledge the Quran is more for human mind and soul than for his physical needs. This Book does not only deal with beauty and illumination in nature but also there is enough material for celestial love. It also says what man was before he was created; where he was? How many stages he has passed through before taking his material shape and body? Why has he bee sent here? Where he has to go after death? Which way he has to go and the places and layers he will have to go through? What are soul, intellect, spirit, annihilation and existence, hell and heaven, angels and seat and throne of Allah? And above all, who is the creator, of all these things? How He is and where He is? And how can we have His knowledge and see Him? What can the Holy Quran not provide you with if you have a searching mind ad throbbing heart? Those who ponder over it mysteries and act upon them are rewarded beyond measure. Those who simply go in search of outward expression and spend their life in reading it also get satisfaction and peace of mind.

In short, the Holy Quran contains everything, it does not contain on thing. You will be surprised to know what it may be. Then listen, in the same Quran where there is everything it is not mentioned what should they do when a Muslim state is run over by a non-Muslim nation and is occupied by it .in reality the Holy Quran does not teach you the principle of living as a servile nation and slaves. But this is not the defect of Holy Quran. This is the proof of perfection of its teaching. In reality the Quran teaches the way to honor, power, independence and rule. Those nations which will follow its teaching will enjoy respect, rule, independence, and will govern the people. They will never be face to face with slavery and servility. But, of course, those who will neglect its teachings and oppose it will reduce to slavery and sub-ordination. And under such circumstances neither the Quranic teaching nor upon whom it has been revealed will be responsible for the slaver and subjugating.

In fine, the Muslims of the early days ruled over the world by acting upon the teaching of the Holy Quran. As long as even fifty percent of Muslims acted upon it they continued to rule over the world. But since the time the majority of Muslims have started believing in non-Quranic beliefs, they are face to face with dishonor and disgrace. In spit of this it is the blessing of Allah that Muslims has their own rule in many states. These states, may be weak and dependent upon other, internally they are strong enough to begin to follow the principles of the Holy Quran and regain their lost position and glory. Now I shall describe the cause of the downfall of the Muslims.