Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

Question 3

When Allah creates and kill one as unbliever as he has said in the holy qur’an that he has created innumerable gins and human beings for hell then why does he put them in the hell? What is there fault?

Such arguments come to the mind of man as he has not the correct appreciation of the power of Allah. He quotes a king in comparison to Allah and says that if a man is not at fault what business Allah has to punish him. The objector does not think that the king himself is a created creature, helpless and mortal. He is similar to other persons in the scheme of creation. Really he has no power to punish anybody who is not at fault.

But Allah is the creator, mighty and ever-lasting. When there was nothing He created this universe. He only knows why? But He created it with His will and wishes and did it in the way and order and made as he desired. He did not consult anybody. Therefore, He is answerable to none. So far experience and observation are concerned; Allah has created in pairs and opposite to each other—wet, white and dark, sweet-smell and mad-smell, hardness, power and weakness, virtue and evil, mischief, goodness and richness and poverty.

In short, look at any angle and observe any matter you will find its opposite. And in reality nothing can be discerned without its opposite factor. The fish which has been born in the sea and does not know the reality of land and its hardness and other conditions cannot have the real knowledge of water. Thus if there would have been no poverty, there would not exist affluence. Had there been no wickedness, then would not have been goodness; no trouble and punishment, no rest and pardon. Had there been no infidel, Islam would not have existed and if no hell, no heaven. This means that things are discernible because of its opposition. Therefore only one has the right to criticize Allah who has created the world as designed by Him in a better way.

The Qur’an says: “Sad truth been subject to their whims, the heavens and the earth and all those that are in them would have been depraved (23:71). Now remain the jinn and human beings who have been created for hell itself. They will feel no pain in hell as they have been made of the substance hell has been made. They will be alive and happy there as the insect of fire “the salamander” lives in fire. They have been created for the purpose of filling in the hell when it is cleared off the Muslims after going through their punishment and entering the heavens so that the hell may not remain empty. It is obvious that if they too feel pain it is against the judgment of Allah. The Qur’an also proves the same that every one will not feel pain in hell. It is stated in the Qur’an: “Not one of you but will pass over it: this is with thy Lord, a decree which must be accomplished (19:71).
It is obvious that most exalted souls will also pass over it (hell) will they feel the pain? Certainly not.

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