Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

Question 1

Why should we work when every thing is done by the will of Allah?

There is no doubt that in the Holy Qur’an there are at least eighty verses which say that nothing happens without the will of Allah. Whatever happens, takes place with the will of Allah. But in the same Holy Qur’an there are more than 60 verses in which Allah has ordered: “Act, act, and act well” Try” as there is nothing else for you.

There are people who take these verses as saying that whatever we do; Allah gets them done through us even the sins. But the facts are otherwise. The real meaning of these verses are that you have no alternative but to work and do not think that the result will be according to your wish. No, the result will be as Allah wishes. The meaning of this is that you are a free agent in so far your actions are concerned. But so far their result are concerned you are helpless. Experience proves this. There are thousands of people who work hard with a particular purpose but come out unsuccessful. Intellect tells the same thing. If man would have command over his acts and endeavors, everybody would have tried to become king and everybody would have been a king. But this cannot happen and will not happen as the result of acts and endeavors is in the command of Allah.

In reality, the belief that Allah does the bad and good deeds of man is the outcome of Vedantic philosophy and problem of Omnipotence of Allah which has been implanted in the minds of the so-called Sufis and through them has crept into the masses their infidel belief that everything is Allah. There is no doubt that in special circumstances a few persons perform such acts that in special circumstances a few persons perform such acts which is also not known to them that what were they doing. But such persons are very few and such occasions are very rare. They are not ordinary people but are very elevated persons. Hence it is mentioned in Hadis Qudsi: “My servant can get close to me always in supplementary prayers, so much so that I befriend him, Then I become his ear, eye, hand and tongue. Now he hears, sees, speaks and catches through Me and Me alone” This Hadis Qudsi proves that this exalted position is not attained by every individual but only by a chosen few. Experience shows that such exalted persons would have been only a few in the fourteen hundred years. Hence the belief that whatever man does is the doing of Allah is a totally sinful and wrong belief keeping in view the belief of the general masses. This will clearly prove that the result of acts and endeavors is not in the hand of man but is in the hand of Allah.

This is the reality and Allah has been too merciful to Musalmans by laying bare these facts in the Holy Qur’an. The psychological benefit of this Quranic injuction is that when ever a Musalman fails after hard work and efforts he is not disheartened; he is not disappointed; he is not broken-hearted. He does not get slack in his work. He is cheerful and full of faith and thinks that had he got the result as he had wished, it might have been injurious and harmful to him. He remembers what Allah has said in the Holy Qur’an: “you think certain thing to be good for you though Allah does not think them to be so for you”. If you ponde rover this teaching from psychological point of view, you will come to the conclusion that there can be no better teaching than this to keep man busy in his efforts. But it is a matter of regret that since the Islamic world has fallen into the abyss of mental degradation we have started taking reverse meaning to this practical teaching which has been given to us to keep up the spirit throughout.

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