Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah


Muraqaba means protection and safety but in wisdom and knowledge. Technically it means to establish into the brain some thought or imagination in such a way that nothing remains except that thought or imagination. In Ta-fak-Kur-Bil-Musha-ha-da we contemplate the shape and form of a thing but in Ta-fak-Kur-Mil-Mu-raa-qa-baa real and intrinsic aspect of things or names are

contemplated. For example, in Ta-fak-Kur-Bil-Musha-ha-da while seeing the ice we will be absorbed in its brightness and in the imagination of intensity and beauty of white color but in Ta-fak-Kur-Mil-Mu-raa-qa-baa we contemplate one of the properties of ice, for example, the imagination of coldness with such a concentration that we start feeling cold though it may be warm at that time.

It is essential that Muraqabaa should not be done without the guidance of the guide. He knows better that for whom which name or verse will be more suitable. Many seekers attain excellence in Nafi-Maa-Sewa that the need of Muraqabaa does not at all arise for them. The real aim of Muraqaba is the attainment of divine inspiration : souls may be visible and vision of world of idea may be achieved and all these are achieved by some seekers in Qita-Maa-Siqa.


The rule of Muraqaba is this that first of all any name of God from His qualitative names should be done. When some skill is attained in it then of any verse of Quran, again of ism-i-Zaat and then of Fina et c.etc.
It is not essential to sit for Muraqaba as is done in prayers rather you should be seated in a way which does not bring in any trouble. Sit at such a time and place that there is no noise and disturbance and concentration should not be disturbed. The method is that for Muraqabaa you select the word which is most appealing to your heart, for example, Yaa-Rahimo. Now stop Pass-An-fass and start repetition of Ya-Rhimo but instead of the word Ra-hee-mo try to see God’s mercy in everything by things of its meaning through the help of this thought so that with gradual process the common meaning of mercy may penetrate in your mind and soul after some days and the name while disappearing, its Mu-sam-maa may remain. Again select any of the verse of the Quran, for example, Hu-wa ma-a-kum-ainama-kuntum, (God is with you wherever you are). Now repeat it keeping its meaning with such a frequency and be so much absorbed in its meaning that you do not pay heed altogether to the words of this verse but the meaning may flash before the eyes of your soul.


The method of Muraqabaa of Fina is to establish the image of mere space in you mind and try so hard that whatever are between the space you become completely oblivious to it so much so that you forget yourself also. Whatever imagination has been gained is of space or of Non-existence. Now develop this imagination so much that you become oblivious of the feeling of imagination. Thus you will attain Fina.


There is also one muraqabaa of kash-ful-qaboor . The method to do it is to imagine the body of a dead man by sitting lonely in night in any graveyard and repeat sub-boo-hun-Qud-doo-sun Rab-ba-na-wa rab-bul-ma-laa-i-kate and try to establish the word rooh(soul) in your heart and mind. After perfecting the idea the body of the dead man will be visible and gradually. May be, the dead bodies of the entire graveyard may be visible. This is also done to call the souls and invite them and to know the future events. Because in my experience and opinion these things lead to harm rather than benefit to the seekers and moreover they are available in common books on mysticism therefore they are not described.