Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah


1-Service to humanity which is the ultimate aim of all efforts, devotion and spiritual journey. Apparently even if you become a saint of very high order, if you do not become a source of bounty for the world and your sainthood is only for your personal pursuits then you are under no circumstances worthy of being called vicegerent of the Prophet because Prophets have been sent to teach creatures of God such methods of how to live (life and living) acting upon which leads to success both in this world as well as in the next world.

2-We can say this much that the aim and object of faith, belief and prayers are only this that man may get peace and comforts in life in this world and hereafter and this cannot be achieved unless man is perfect in dealings and honest in his behavior. Supposing a man prays five times a day, nay ten times a day and fasts for the whole month nay throughout the year and performs Hajj every year and gives alms but does not perform his duties towards his people, for example, he keeps his wife and children in distress and starving, cheats others, speaks ill of others, tells a lie, steals, takes bribe, does not perform his official duties honestly, weighs less, and measures less, creates ill -fealings among people and creates differences in the national set up and ill-tempered, proud and ferocious and thinks other to be inferior to him and considers it below his dignity to talk to them do you think such a man will go straight to paradise after death? And will he not get the punishment for his evil acts? Or will he get the real respect in life? will be able to spend a peaceful and comfortable life? Such a man even if he succeeds in accumulating vast treasures will be bereft of real peace of heart and soul in this world. Therefore get into your mind that the limitations which Allah has placed on dealings and morals and the ways and means that have been taught by Him should be carried out with as much vigour and faith as we cary out prayers, fast and Hajj and alms etc. It is just not possible to act upon some principles of the Quran and neglect others.

3-Islam never teaches narrow-mindedness rather it teaches to be kind and just with everybody regardless of faith and community. Allah has nowhere ordered to hate non-muslims and to behave with them harshly without any reason. Hence it is in Chapter Al-Qasas that “do good to everybody as Allah has done to you”. This order is to do good to everybody in the world.

4-Allah says in the Holy Quran “Women are your garments and you are their garments”. Can any writer of the world produce a better effect than is conveyed by these words about social equality, evenness, mutual secrecy and to live with love and affection. But it should be understood that these equalities and evenness are social only. But so far state’s management or household affairs are concerned and their division of work, the position of woman is of a value able beloved and of man as a protector and supporter.