Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

Downfall Couses 2


Hindus were enemies of Musalmans since they conquered India. This was as a consequence of daily loot and attacks the Hindus on the frontiers of Afghanistan, Makran and Iraq, but their enmity was a natural phenomenon. They can not be held responsible for it. Though a thousand years have passed their passion has not lessened. As long as the Muslims were powerful, Hindus lay low but the moment the power declined they rebelled. Centuries passed and Muslims states changed hands till in 1556 Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar became the Emperor of India. He was completely illiterate, did not know any thing about religion,

was fond of pomp and pleasure but was extremely courageous and intelligent, knowing the numerical superiority of Hindus and vastness of the territory he embarked upon a policy to rule over Hindus through conciliatory methods rather than by force. Eh did not only give them equal status in the material field but also brought them equal to Muslims in social status by matrimonial alliances. Not only this, he did arrange translations of Hindus religious books into Persian. He praised their religion and leaving aside Islam invented a new religion which he called Deen Elahi.

It was claimed that all the good things of all religions have been incorporated in it. He outwardly claimed to have equal respect for all religions but in reality he looked down upon Islamic customs and religion and cut jokes with Muslims divines openly. The psychological effect of these was that the awe and respect which was ingrained in the mind of Hindus about Muslims superiority material, religious and spiritual vanished. Not only this , even Muslims lost the feeling of their superiority slowly and gradually and in this way they had not psychological image which could be used in order to keep the Hindus in awe and fear and to rule over them.

The tempo of Akbar’s rule continued till Shah Jahan. But when Aurangzaib Alamgir showed his inclination towards Islam and Islamic customs, Hindus began to rebel against him. The Mahrattas in the South and Sikhs in the north-west is the product of this period. After the death of Aurangzaib, when Mughal rule declined, the Hindus succeeded in their old attempts. In south and central India Mahrattas occupied most of the places and in north-west provinces Sikhs formed their kingdom. The British, by the, had also become very powerful. They started form the East and talking full advantage of Hindus-Muslim enmity and treachery and dishonestly of Muslim nobles gradually occupied the whole continent. They based their rule on the principle of “Divide and Rule” and maintained it to the last. For this they always encouraged provincial feelings and Hindu-Muslim enmity. After independence movement of 1857 they continued to repress and harass Muslim and were kind and considerate towards Hindus.

British writers and politicians wrote and propagated again Muslim rulers and Muslims and the British officer in-charge of education brought forth such a curricula in school and collages in which Muslims kings were dubbed as dacoit’s plunderers and attempts have been made to prove that Hindus were converted to Islam through the force of sword. They at the time of departure divided the Punjab and Bengal in order to made Pakistan weak and India strong and in the end gave Kashmir to Hindus where Muslims constituted 85% of the population. Thus the secular sate of India has been founded under the benign patronage of the British against Islam and Muslims. It seems that British had come to India with the intention to snatch away the kingdom from Muslims and hand it over to the Hindus.

The first movement during the latest period which led to prosperity was the movement among Hindus to learn the English language. They had experience during Muslims rule that those who knew the language of the rulers gained wealth and honor. Therefore, with the coming of the British, they had begun learning the English language and in a very short period they gained almost all the sub-ordinates positions in the government. In order to occupy higher post, Hindus went to England and took higher degree in different sciences and languages. They did not only obtain higher degrees, they also sacrificed their lives in order to spread education among Hindus. There were thousands among them who could very easily earn a thousand rupees monthly but they founded schools and collages and taught till death taking hardly rupees fifty for their sustenance. Only Muslim divines has some influence on the masses and they ahs given the verdict that ‘it is infidelity to learn English and those who will learn it are infidels’. Those who were forbidden to cross the sea by religion went to England and Europe and those whom the Prophet had said, “attain learning, it may be in China”, their religious divines forbade learning English! What was its reason? Our religious divines were completely ignorant of world affairs and were bereft of modern science and education.

After learning western education for fifty to sixty years Hindus were wide awake. Western education brought them to the forefront and they knew how the world was moving. What is power in this world and how it can be obtained. They knew the national, financial and martial strength of the British and their secretes, that is, about their political and ethical systems and what are their faith. More than this they came to know about themselves and their strength. Western education has inculcated in them the spirit of courage and boldness and suffering and sacrifice. They already possessed wealth now they knew how to spend it. They have already acquired the power of patience by living for more than six hundred years under Muslim rule. They have only one defect. They could not come to one platform due to different sects and beliefs. The British gave them that platform. It was the platform of enmity towards Muslims which gave very section of Hindus as opportunity to unite. The British were very happy with their unity again Muslims and encourage them and helped them in all possible ways. They were happy but they forgot that this unity could also be used against them.

While making their plan for independence the Hindus kept tow parties in front of them— one was the British and the other Musalmans, the British as they had to take independence from them and the Muslims as they were the target of the strength of Hindus unity. Besides this the Hindus feared that Muslims may not come to terms with British or they may get hold of India after exist of the British. They were no hope in armed rebellion hence the second method was adopted. The centre of political strength of the British was the British public opinion and the Parliament. Therefore, it was necessary that by influencing the public opinion the sympathy of any influential party in the Parliament may be gained. For this the choice fell on the Labor party which being new needed material help for its progress. Hence money was poured like water for propaganda and for molding public opinion in its favor not only in England but also in America and Russia and anyhow the Labor Party was brought to its side. This party proved to be faithful and the last success during independence movement in favor of Hindus was because of the Labor Party.

Before the independence movement, during the First World War, Turkish Empire together with Khilafat came to an end. The Indian Muslims were charged with emotions. There were Khilafat committees thought out the country. It appeared that Muslims will jump into the Holy War and will turn the British out of India. This was all due to religious frenzy. It lacked political foresight and inner vision. But among Hindus the All India Congress was working for years but neither they have the leadership of the masses nor there any passion for independence. They were afraid of open fight with police and soldiers. They have everything except this. They had plenty of money, spirit of sacrifice and suffering, knowledge and learning and they had numerical superiority over Muslims. Hindu leaders knew the condition obtaining among them very well. They resolved to take full advantage of the temporary unity and organization among Musalmans and through their example, cooperation and help they infused the sprit among Hindus. Hence the Hindu leasers proposed to the leaders of Khilafat Committees that “India National Congress will give full support to Muslims in their demand for Turkey and Khilafat provided they cooperate with the Congress in attaining independence of India”. Apparently it seems an innocent and very appropriate sentence. But the political foresight and wisdom contained in it could not be gauged and perceived by simple Muslims. They also could not understand its future effect. The simple meaning of this sentence was that the pivot of British strength lay in India and if they were driven away from Hindustan all the Muslim states which were groaning under its foot will become independent and powerful. Hence the Muslims accepted the proposal of the Congress and a large number of Muslims joined Hindus in the struggle for independence, nay they became leader of the movement. This was the simple meaning of this sentence. But what it led to when it was acted upon? It showed political maturity of Hindus and unworthiness of Muslims.

Hindu leaders knew that Hindus have not the courage to face bullets in order to get independence. Hence they named their movement, “Non-Violent Non-Cooperation”. They psychological effect of this name was that Hindus thinking that the movement does not demand loss of life except to the extent of going jail came forward and began to work side by side with Muslims. It is obvious that no freedom movement can be successful without shedding blood. In the end this movement also faced bullets, bombs and massacre. There was bloodshed and prisons were full of non-cooperator. As it happened slowly and gradually under the patronage of Muslims, Hindus also became fearless, and in the end, began to offer their lives for the movement. Now they did not depend upon Muslims patronage. One the other side Turks themselves threw away the yoke of Khilafat from their shoulders. Therefore the spirit behind movement waned and the movement for the independence of the country got hold of the Indian Muslims and the Khilafat movement came to an end and the spirit and the sense of organization that was generated through it went to the favor of Congress which benefited the Hindus in the long run. This was the greatest mistake of Muslims. They should not have merged their organization power into the Congress. They should have maintained their own identity in the form of Khilafat or any other name and sided with the Congress as a separate body.

Now the position was that Muslims were fighting the battle of independence according to the Congress policy under the leadership of Hindus. They have accepted Hindus as their elder brothers and were hopeful that after the end of the fight for independence, they will be treated on equal terms in every respect. This was also their stupidity. They could not even think that national mentality formed during a period of thousand of years cannot be changed in a day. They could not visualize that the Hindus mentality which has ripened to full maturity through Vedic culture, laws of Manu and political teaching of Chanakya had no place for equality and honor for non-Hindus. The conclusion of the belief in transmigration is that man gets the punishment and reward according to a set pattern. According to laws of Manu the society has only four classes. How a fifth class could be created? The teaching of Chanakya is that if the enemy gets over, serve it so well that if forgets your enmity altogether and begin to rely upon you. But you should not be unaware of your enemy. When ever you get the chance bring complete ruin and devastation to your enemy. How can the people having such religious and political belief have the feelings of forgiveness and mercy? How can they treat people on brotherly basis? How can they forgive their enemies? There is no doubt that among Congress Hindus there were many who treated Muslims as their brothers and gave them all respect and honor.

But they were so few and some times they felt so helpless in protecting their own honor and prestige. Hence when they were in jails, the field was open and the leaders of Hindus Mahasabha got the full chance to preach against Muslims vehemently through out India. They formed Sangathan (Unity) of Hindus. They embarked upon Shudhi movement and Muslims were told in plain words that those who have come from outside should leave India and those whose forefathers has become Muslims in India should go back to the fold of Hinduism. The tempo of propaganda was kept up an the highest pitch which raised the intensity of the spirit of enmity so high that Hindus started preparing to eliminate Muslims with the exist of British or they may be so much suppressed and terrified they may remain Muslims in name only. This movement included more then 90% of Hindus. Majority of Congress Hindus were also with them. After many years when the Hindus and Muslim congress leaders came out of jail they faced a different situation. Hindu-Muslims Unity was now where in existence and hatred and enmity between the two communities was so apparent, rampant and visible that Muslims began to leave Congress and slowly and gradually most of its reputed leaders when out of the fold of Congress. As the Congress was considered an Allah India body, in order to keep up its hold on the public opinion in England and British Parliament, it had to keep in its fold a number of Muslims leaders. They took recourse to another method and began to purchase Muslim leaders. Considering the poverty, illiteracy and bankruptcy of Muslims it was not a difficult task to achieve. Hundreds of Muslims who has not source of income but could deliver emotional speeches joined the Congress as its paid worker and remained faithful to it.

There were also a few who remained in the Congress as they believed that they will benefit most by supporting the Congress. However by following this method Hindus gained in tow ways. Firstly they were able to establish the claim that the Congress was the only representative body of India. Secondly, the Hindus were able to divide the Muslims and were able to break it into pieces which once have become all powerful in the shape of Khilafat Committee. In this way they removed the greatest danger from their midst which had become a nightmare for them that after the exit of the British, Indian Muslims and Frontier Pathans may make them slaves again. In order to eliminate this danger they did not take recourse to only this method but adopted practical measure which will be described in the following chapter.

There was more danger from Frontier Pathans. Hence more attention was paid towards them. After studying their mentality and strength it was found out that they were immersed in poverty and illiteracy. These defects could win them over the side of the Hindus through proper maneuvering and financial help. This was done in abundance and they were yoked to the chariot-wheel of the Congress. The Pathans were brought to the side to the Congress on tow counts. Firstly as the British were continuously on war with tribal Pathans, they were told that Congress was the only party in India which was fighting the British. Other parties were parties of toadies and flunkeys. Secondly Hindus constituted 14% to 15% of the population in the Frontier province therefore they were always very considerate towards Pathans and due to illiteracy Pathans were ignorant of the anti-Muslim feelings and strength of Hindus in India.

Thus the Pathans could not comprehend how could the Hindus suppress Musalmans after the exit of British and rule ruthlessly. Thus were the Frontier Pathans won over the side of the Congress? Now remember the Indian Muslims. In order to create terror among them, Hindus organized their groups more methodically. Every town and big villages had their training ground and as late as 1945 bands of young Hindus were taught swordsmanship and use of guns. They were financed by Hindu merchants and swords, guns and fighting materials were collected in every Hindu locality. This was known not only to Hindus leaders but even the rulers of princely states cooperated with them. The result was that at the time of independence in 1947 Hindus were fully prepared to face any situation while the Muslims were helpless and unprepared. Hence the terror and killing in Delhi, East Punjab and western districts of U.P. of Muslim fades into insignificance the terror let loose by Changez, Timur and Nadir Shah and even the atrocities of 1857. More than a crore of Muslims lost their hearth and home: lakes of women lost their chastity, lakes were eloped and more then thirty lakes Muslims were put to sword. Who did all this? It was the Hindus who consider killing and ant a sin and shed tears over the atrocities perpetrated on the m by Emperor Aurangzaib!

Now the question arises, what were the Muslims doing when such things were taking place? The answer is that at that time too they were fighting among themselves. Some wee openly with the Congress some were secretly serving the Congress as spies. But when the political maneuverings and aims opened up then the Muslims came to their senses. The All Muslims Parties Conference was called and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was given the command to street clear the sinking ship. The Muslim League became very powerful in no time and demanded a separate homeland for Muslims. The entire world was opposed to it. But unity has its own strength. This temporary unity among Muslims and extreme devotion, sacrifice and character of Quaid-e-Azam secured Pakistan for Muslims. There was every hope that entire Bengal and Punjab would be included in Pakistan, but due to the complicity of Mountbatten, who was a friend of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, we lost half of both and what every remained Mr. Radeliffe applied his decisive blades. He comes to decide the frontiers of the two countries but he gave away the entire district of Gurdaspur, a Muslim majority district, to India so that India could get communication line to Kashmir.
The truth is that humility and meekness and the habit of hospitality and service made the Hindus every where successful and the false pride, haughtiness, boasting and bragging, superiority complex and rigidity of Muslims brought for them loss of face every where.

The main thing to note in Hindu politics is that their educational, social, religious and political societies had one real aim though they worked in different ways and the basic principle of superior diplomacy is this rule. The benefit accruing from it is that it divides attention of the enemy in different directions. Secondly, when one party falls, the other steps in and in this way go on traversing further and further. The movement never comes to standstill. For example, the Congress apparently was an organization sympathetic towards Muslims and to the Hindu Mahasabha an open enemy. The Congress by keeping them under its fold reduced their united strength and the Hindu Mahasabha through its strength put them to sword and mass murder. If all the parties of Hindus would have been their open enemies, Muslims out of frustration, would have put up a united front again Hindus. But because of Congress and other parties sympathetic to Muslims they could not combine into a powerful group. The Congress aimed at taking revenge from Muslims after the attainment of independence by taking away from them gradually and slowly all the ways of sustenance and support and the Hindu Mahasabha desired to clear them out through power and sword. Muslims due to their ignorance and illiteracy could not understand maneuverings of Hindus and kept on fighting among themselves till the end of independence.

Now you should have understood that Hindu enmity towards Muslim is not a temporary phase of life but is a reality and a natural passion with them which started from day Muslims entered India and is continuing and will continue. History proves that Hindus never accepted Muslim rule whole-heartedly and whenever they found Muslims weak they rose in rebellion. The anarchy and disorder that followed the death of Aurangzaib, they took full advantage of it and with in fifty years the Marhatas got hold of much of the territory of South and Central India and captured Delhi. Had Ahmad Shah Abdali not broken their bones in the third battle of Panipat, the Muslims state of India would have collapsed at that very time. But Hindus were no more in a mood to sit idle even after their defeat in the battle of Panipat, but at that very moment British came to the forefront and the dream of Hindu Empire in India could not materialize.

During British rule Hindu enmity towards Muslims continued and became very prominent. But the trend of enmity changed. Before this they wanted to make an end of Muslim state of India. Now they planned to annihilate Indian Muslims. In reality the Hindus, because of their peculiar religious and social psychology and disposition can not even thing that in the vast land of nature anybody else except Brahmins, Khatris and Vaish can live in peace and plenty. Therefore, they had decided that if the Muslims desired at all to live in India they could do so as a scheduled caste otherwise they should go back to the places they have come form. In order to accomplish this objective by force they embarked upon a plan to close the doors of sustenance on them. There are only four ways to earning livelihood, agriculture, trade, industry and services. Hence they resolved to capture all these four ways. Even after the devastation of 1957, Muslims of Northern India possessed eighty percent of farmland. But they were connected with the ruling class and their standard of living was high. After being deprived of their hereditary titles and Jagirs they depended upon income from their lands which was not sufficient to meet their luxurious living and with in a shot period these lands went to Hindu Banyas to pay for their loans and interest. In the field of trade and business, in order to accelerate their pace, the British crippled Muslims businessmen and those who survived were beaten blue in competition with Hindus businessmen. Hindu leaders prevailed upon Hindus not to purchase any ting from Muslims and boycott them. This movement gave financial blow to Muslim traders.

But it brought in its train also beneficial effect for Muslims. They also boycotted Hindus and they came into the field in which Hindu enjoyed their monopoly. Most of the sweetmeat sellers are the products of this period. Trade and industry were in Muslim hands mostly but the Hindus opened big factories and Muslims remained small craftsman only. Now remained service, as has been narrated earlier Hindus had started to learn English with the advent of the British. Muslims did not pay any attention towards this for years. Later on when after learning English they looked to offices for services they found all the key post and even sub-ordinate positions occupied by Hindus and found all the doors closed for them. The monopoly of Hindus in Government offices and their prejudice opened the eyes of the English educated Muslims and they began to thing what will happen to them after independence. This thinking led to the concept of independence Islamic State of Pakistan and after hard struggle Pakistan came into being.

Now if Musalmans think that after the creation of Pakistan, Hindus have given up their passion for enmity towards Muslims, they are totally wrong. Hindus were never ready to cut into two their mother India. Firstly, they wanted to attain independence at any cost. Secondly, they had firm belief that Muslims, due to their ignorance, poverty and internal difference will not be able to maintain Pakistan and eventually at any time this portion will be attached to mother India. But by the grace of Allah Almighty their desire could not be fulfilled and despite their weaknesses. Muslims have founded a viable state which can deer any body to look to wards it with evil intention. But they have not given up their evil designs. Now they are trying to make Pakistan weaker and weaker.

For this firstly they are improving their military strength and secondly are conspiring with Communists and thirdly are also letting lose their propaganda against us especially in the Islamic states. Fourthly they are changing the course of our rivers so that our production may be affected. Fifthly through their paid agents and disloyal Muslims they are fanning the fire of sectarian and provincial feelings especially in East Pakistan and due to certain factors they are more organized on a large scale. In fine, they have surrounded us from all sides. But despite this what to speak of the common mass of the people even our influential people and leaders are not worried at all. When their attention is drawn they at once say that Hindus have not the courage to do any harm to Muslims. There are many who say that the Congress and their rulers is not the enemy of Muslims and Pakistan.

Still there are people who say that as U.N.O. has been established and is in full control of affairs of the world no state can attack us. I say these talks betray weakness and cowardice and self deception. This is the same Indian National Congress and its Government which in 1947 killed thirty lakhs of Muslims and drove away a crore of them from their hearth and homes. It occupied the Muslim state of Hyderabad and swallowed Manawadar and Junagarh. It has taken half of Kashmir and planning to take the other half. And this is the same U.N.O. which did nothing tangible and remained as a helpless spectator. Lets us for a moment accept that the Congress and its leaders are sincere friends of Pakistan and Muslims and let us believe them that they will not attack us as claimed by Hindu leaders but is it statesmanship not to be ready for the defense of country? It should be remembered that weakness is the greatest fault in the filed of politics and neglect the greatest sin whose punishment is nothing but destruction and ruin. Besides where is the guarantee that the pro-Muslim Congress will continue to govern India and Mahasabha will never come into power? What will you do when Mahasabha comes into power? Hence though keeping very warm and friendly relations with India and other countries defense preparedness should be in full swing.

Now we come to Islamic religion, belief, prayers, dealings and spiritualism and see how can you gain this world and hereafter by acting upon the teaching of the Holy Quran and how can you earn peace and plenty and prosperity.