Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah


God has ordered and laid emphasis here and there in the Quran to ponder over His verses. Verses somewhere mean verses of the Holy Quran and its passages but mostly it aims at natural mark on earth and heaven. So much emphasis has been laid on this order which even surpasses orders on prayers. There are about 150 verses regarding prayer but there are about 600 verses about study of the universe.

This study and reflection does not mean to continue thinking by closing your eyes and sitting and when your mind gets tired you give up thinking. But the aim is to find out the element and composition of heavenly bodies and their particulars and study their natural laws through which this universe is governed and benefit from the knowledge you gain through this study and also serve the mankind. It has been ordained in the Holy Quran to reflect on the variation of night and day.

This means that you should try to find out how day and night take place and how they become shorter and longer and how seasonal variations occur. If our divines would have carried out this order of God occur. If our divines would have carried out this order of God they would have discovered that the earth is round and revolves on its axis and orbit. But they did not rather others acted upon this order and they discovered these laws which led to the addition of a useful chapter in geography and science of astrology.

The “Wisdom” in these orders is this that firstly, you will be busy till eternity which is the first and foremost condition for the life of nations and secondly, your nation will continue to prosper and will dominate other nations.
In these orders, just for example, we refer only to two verses of the Holy Quran. In Chapter Al-A’raf, verse 185 it is said: “Do they not consider the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and whatever things God has created and that may be their doom shall have drawn nigh?” And in Chapter Al-Ankabut, verse 20 God orders: “Say: Travel on the earth and see how He makes the first creation”.

Could you notice how clear these verses are? In the first verse there is a clear admonition that the nation which does not reflect on the creation of the universe, that is, does not try to find out the laws of nature, will perish and wither away. In the second verse it has been enjoined to travel in the earth for the purpose of search in order to gain the knowledge of creation of the universe.

After describing so far, now it is mentioned that reflections “in “Wisdom” is not only to cover the face with a sheet of cloth and contemplate for kash –fu Qu-boor or Makka-sha-fa-i-la-taa-ef ghai-bee. Reflection is of two kinds: one is Tafaf-Kur-bil-Masha-hida and the other Tafak-Kur-bil Muraa-qa-baa. There are several ways to do it.