Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

An Important Question

The most important question before the world of Islam is that when our faith is perfect, our Holy Prophet is true and our Holy Quran is the true Book of Allah, then what is the reason for the downfall of Islamic Commonwealth? The question is so much important and worth our attention and consideration, but alas due to our lack of spirit and senselessness it has not been though worth pondering over at all.

The approach to the problems of life of living nations is that when ever any scheme does not fulfill its purpose or any efforts falls or in a way even an insignificant number of soldiers are defeated, committees are set up to investigate the reason for failure and commissions are formed and millions of rupees are spent so that in future nothing of the same nature takes place, but our way to t thinking regarding such problems of life and death for the nation is that nothing is done either on international plane or national scale. We spend lakhs or rupees in pursuit of pleasure, songs and dances and also in celebrating religious function. People are made a weep and laugh in such gatherings. There are discussions and debates in learned associations, papers are read; in poets meeting there are thunderous applause, but have you ever heard in any of such gatherings what are the reasons for our downfall and decadence and in what ways can we regain our lost glory and place in the comity of nations?

When ever the question is raised to individuals, the reply comes from every corner of the Muslim world that it is because we have left acting upon the teaching of the Holy Quran. This reply is hundred percent correct, but it is so brief that it does not give any particular help to the listener particularly when every body things that he and his sect alone, so far the acting upon the teachings of Holy Quran is concerned, is of a pucca Musalman and all others are erring. The Holy Quran is not only concerned with prayers and orders related to it, it a complete code of life, that is, what ever concerns human problems. Allah has given complete instructions in it and has shown the way in it so that man can spend peaceful and happy life. As man’s life has several facets only to say that “ the reason for our downfall is that we have left acting upon the instruction laid down in the Holy Quran” is not sufficient, but we have to see in every walks of life how much and to what extent we are acting upon the instruction of the Holy Quran. It is apparent that this cannot be described even in a voluminous book in all its details and explanation not to speak of in few lines. But is it better to do something than not to do anything at all. Hence in the following pages, I have tried in my own humble way to answer the question. This should have been answered by the really learned people of the Islamic world. They would have penned their opinion on each facet of the Islamic life in detail and the reasons for the downfall of the Islamic Millat. But unfortunately this has not taken place or so far I know nothing positive has been done in this direction. Therefore, though not fully competent for the job, but as a matter of duty I have tried to pen them down Allah only knows how far I have succeeded in my efforts and whether the Millat will be benefited at all by this book or not. But I expect this much after seeing my humble efforts, those competent to do it will be attracted towards it and will produce valuable books and literature on this subject and complete the job which is laying unattended sine centuries.

In any part of the world however affluent and prosperous may be its inhabitants individually, they can not prosper and nourish as a nation unless they form themselves into a society of well knit and coherent group and learn to sacrifice their property for the collective benefit and can not save themselves from the onslaughts of organized and powerful nation. Therefore I have, first of all, describe those principles of the Holy Quran concerning collective prosperity which led to the splendid rise to the followers of the Holy Prophet in the shortest possible time whose example is not available in the history of the nations of the world. Then I have described the reason for our preset day degeneration due to neglect of the principles of Islam. After this I have describe Islamic faith, prayers and mutual dealings, that is, rights and morals and behaviors. Islamic faith and belief have their origin in unseen and Allah has ordered to believe in them without seeing them. But there are people who want to believe them after seeing them or after having their manifestation and reflection and as it pertains to mysticism hence I have also dealt with it in this book. I have described in detail the difference between modern mysticism and real Islamic mysticism what does the Holy Quran say about mysticism? What did the Holy Prophet teach about it? What did the exalted and pious people of olden days and mystics do in order to convert the un believers into Islam and engrain in them perfect faith and true Islamic character and what role has been played by Sufis and those pretenders of Sufism who followed them and how they have ruined and soiled mysticism and have done harm to the Muslim society.