Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah


The fifth thing which gives proof of existence of the society and benefit of organization to individual is “Action”. The action for society is similar to movement of a living body. If a living body remain without movement from birth to death and remains at the same place for thousand of years it can not be said to be “alive”. The Holy Quran has looked upon with contempt idleness, laziness and inactivity. Hence the revered companions of the Prophet did not allow such habits to grow among them. After them also Muslims led a very active life. As long as they maintained the life of active habits they were ahead of all the nations of the world. When they gave in to inactivity and came to standstill other nations marched ahead of them. In order to give stimulant to the habit of action some aim as well as ideal is essential.

Without it activity does not take place. Insects and worms, birds and other animals remain busy and active in search of food and in order to protect themselves for cold and heat. In order to keep human body active these very things in reality work as stimulant. But the aims and desire of human beings do not end here. He has many other desires which animals do not posses. By nature man is not content with peace and pleasure of any degree. He always tries to go from better to best and from best to highest condition of life. This very desire keeps him active throughout his life which moves him higher and higher in his social life. the human society which being content remains inactive is called backward.

His desire to improve and go ahead has brought him to this position of social uplift and God only knows where he will end or it may be that he does not rest till the day to resurrection. Besides eating and drinking, clothing and housing man has one natural desire, that is, he wants to know his real self. He wants to know what was he before he was born? What are matter and soul? What is death? Where we have to go after death? Is there any creator of this world? etc., etc. Those nations who ponder over these replies and are active; they get new life because so far the question of bread, cloth and house is concerned man can achieve them with a little efforts and he may not be required to go on struggling. But so far the question of satisfaction regarding origin and resurrection is concerned, the search can never end and he can remain ever active. This is the reason why Mulims have been ordered for both.

The Holy Quran says: “Spread out in the world and search your sustenance?. It is said: “Do not rest till you take your share of the world”. Allah says that you pray to me like this; “ O my Lord, give me the blessing of both the worlds”. In order to get to know the origin and resurrection in the Holy Quran there are hundreds of indication which command to ponder over His signs. Hence it has been said at one place: “Travel in the world and find out how creation originated”. Apparently it seems to be an ordinary that and a very small verse but in order to find out the answer to this very question many kinds of learning came into existence such as geology, botany, zoology, physiology, geography, history, medicine, astronomy, physics and chemistry etc. And these are the knowledge which when acquired by a nation makes it recipients of every kind of blessings of Allah. The reason behind the acquisition of this knowledge is that as there is no end to it hence man will go on struggling and making efforts in its search and will continue to prosper. In order to keep Muslims busy throughout, in the Quran Allah says; “Act and Act”. The struggle for life, prayers, fast, pilgrimage to Makkah, alms, struggle for the propagation of Islam and preaching of Islam, and pondering over the verses of Allah are for what purpose if not to keep Muslims busy and active? But it is tragedy that more the stress has been given or Action in the Holy Quran, we are more indolent, idle and inactive.

In fine these are the five principle which makes the body, soul, heart, mind and senses of society which lead to it organization strength. Apparently the group of people who will stick to these five principles more and more will be stronger and powerful. But these five principles only are not sufficient for any society. Human life has other aspects too. And every man has his many sided responsibilities such as at one time the same man is the father as well as son, brother as well nephew and uncle and he is also the husband. He is also servant as well as master. He is a sub-ordinate as well as officer. He is a grocer as well as purchaser. He is zamindara and also a cultivator etc., etc. Hence there is the need to fulfilling these many sided duties which has to be regulated by law an codes which are obeyed and acted upon by every member of the society so that it can maintain its unity of action in order to avoid any friction in the combined strength so the society. Hence Muslims have a guide line and perfect code of life which is called the Holy Quran.