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Foundation Of Silselah-e-Alia Tauheediyah

In 1911 when I was 18 years old I took oath of allegiance in Naqshbandiya-Mujaddidiya order of spiritual discipline. And after seven to eight years of hard and continuous labor completed its course. This course developed in my nature humility, Piety and I was blessed with noble and excellent deeds and divine inspiration,but I could not get to the objective for which I had taken oath of allegiance that is.

I could not achieve the vision of Allah. After this I took the oath of allegiance in Chishtiya order of spiritual discipline and completed its course in five to six years.This course secured in my nature elegance, perception of beauty and comeliness and intense feeling of love and affection. But the vision of Allah was hard to find here also.

After this I did not take oath of allegiance to any other order of spiritual discipline and I did thorough and extensive studies of Qadirya order of spiritual discipline and few other orders. But how to get the vision of Allah was not narrated there also. Now I adopted the attitude of complete silence and waited for divine elegance.

At last Allah’s mercy dawned on me and He, in His benign mercy, got me in touch with a divine person. He was an Owaisi(spiritual order of discipline related to Hazrat Owais Qadri). He himself owed allegiance to non;neither he took oath of allegiance from anybody.

Hence I did not take oath of allegiance but did receive his grace in abundance for 20 to 25 years. Now I did get grace from him but continued reflecting and reciting as in the same old order of Naqshbandiya discipline.

This time the divine course was covered in a strange way i.e. I passed the entire way from Nasoot to Zaat-i-Beht seeing and understanding the surrounding all around i.e. first I saw the stages of Hell, and in succeeding order and moving about the heavens of A’raf, Malakoot,Jabroot, Lahoot and Hahoot reached the lower layer of Hoo. Here I overcame the state of Wahdatul Wajood.

This is the same state which has been described as Reality by Ibn Arabi. Allah be praised! I did not stay longer here otherwise I would have remained a Wajoodi. When I reached the upper layer of Hoo I experienced the state which has been called Zilliyat by Hazrat Mujaddid Alf-i-Sani. I crossed this very soon. After this I remained for some time in A’dam but continued proceeding forward till by crossing A’dam entered Alam-i-Amr and at last after continuous efforts of 26 to27 years I achieved my life’s desire in 1953.

Allah be praised! What I sought I got at the ripe age of 60 years and 42 years of continuous and sustained efforts by the grace of Allah. Allah is great and His bounty is boundless. To achieve the spiritual goal from Nasoot to Zaat-i-Beht is not a joke. It is the most difficult undertaking and only a few fortunate persons have the luck to achieve it